Blood in the Snow 2018

So it was opening night, SuperGrid by director Lowell Dean was the feature film. A movie filmed in 17 days, and unfortunately, it showed. It felt as if everything was rushed, like the story was on drugs. It was pretty straight forward and generic, the acting had a few moments. There were some jokes here and there, the script could have had some work done to it.

Seriously, if the director had cut out a portion of the story board, and revised some scenes, then I would say this movie could have been a lot better. Yet there are a whole bunch of issues that I don’t know about (like Funding) that most likely got in the way. Needless to say, I would have been happy to cut an entire sequence for the development of all other parts.

The idea was good though, there’s a lot of room for improvement. I’m not saying it was absolutely shit, but for opening night; you could’ve done better. The short film before hand was really good, it was basically a PSA from Lucifer himself. It said the worst kind of monster is an enlightened one. It also wasn’t too scary. like it was more a failed parody of a horror film, than anything else.

Some of the acting was alright. Whatever, Next up is Altered Skin set in Pakistan! Then we have Alive set at 9:30 next! This is the first Movie Festival I am just watching movies, feels weird.