2 days of the festival left, and nothing was gained.

Okay, so my friend (Steve Kasan) is an actor, and he was in two shorts that I saw, “He likes it Rough” and “A Fistfull of Molars“. He likes it rough was a females revenge on a bad date, that ended up killing Steve. And then in the second short, another woman had him tied and just started ripping teeth out.

Poor Steve.

There is only 3 movies left, maybe a couple of industry panels. Honestly though, you’d think about getting involved with the music scene, I would have gotten used to people with big egos.

Not even close.

They still piss me off, but such is the entertainment industry. This last movie is about memory loss, called Fugue. Malcolm tries to piece back together his life as he struggles with memory and identity, winner of the IndieCan’s 20K competition and with the guidance of Warren P. Sonoda and Avi Federgreen, this film is definitely one I don’t want to miss.

At 9:30, we have Isabelle. It’s about a couple who want to start a family in a new home, insert evil and paranoia. The trailer legitimately freaked me out, the only time I would say that having a girl in your bed is probably not as welcoming as you think.

I usually write about the movies after watching them, so there’ll (is that even a thing that people write, or just say) be another post probably later. Hope you can make it out to at least one of these, I hope they don’t end up being a waste of time. The Royal Cinema has really soft and durable toilet paper in their bathrooms.

I wonder if it’s Charmin.

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