What’s Been Happening!

I actually started to hangout at Comedy Bar for the Big City Improv Festival. In September of this year, when I started my job as a desk exchange community animator at The Center for Social Innovation in the Annex, I also started this Improv Class with a undercover comedic badass.

Later, after leaving CSI, I later found out (totally by accident) about this Big City Improv Festival, I don’t even remember how I found out. I think I was looking on their website at the Calendar to see what was on that Friday (because I was planning to head down), and viola!

Easily the best discovery I have had in honestly, 6 months at least. They’re running until this Saturday, so if you can check it out; just to let you know, Shaun Majumder stopped by for a stand up set (there was a stabbing at a rappers concert on the Danforth). To finish my thought, if you can check it out; you definitely won’t be disappointed!

Now I’m off to do some movie watching at the Blood In The Snow Film Festival, I hope I get as much out of this festival as I can. This is my first BITS, I saw the line up of films and it looks quite promising! I honestly think I am going to be there every day I can.

I recently did this black face peel I got from Sephora.

I feel like how I’d imagine a gay man feels when they detox.

Yes, I know what a detox is.

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