Transgender MMA fighter literally beats opponents skull in.

I was reading this article that floated around the internet, and onto my friends Facebook page. Who said people who get their news from Facebook are bad? Without going into much detail about why the fighter decided at one point that it was time to invert that penis, and beat up other women; let’s take a look at the fight.

That was a clear dominant fight, on the side of transgender fighter Fallon Fox. I have a question though, is this right? A man feels like he is a woman, even though he was born a biological male, goes to Thailand to get all the necessary surgeries (Talk about Bangkok, amirite?) to become a woman, and then get’s to compete against other woman.

This is a man, fighting women. Yes, you could say he is on hormonal therapy or whatever, but that doesn’t change what God gave you. If you think that men should compete against women, and that to be fair in physical fitness, then why are the olympics divided into men’s and woman’s events and the scores are different? If we were all equal, there shouldn’t be that much difference between the two genders, but there is.

The feminist approach, or logic, is that there must be something exogenous to their gender that brings their gender down. So what they are going to do is try and lower the bar to so they can reach it. Because everyone deserves to be world class, despite their training routine.

Taika Brents had her skull broken, and said in an interview that before fighting Fallon, she had never felt that strength in any woman before. It was quite clear that in that fight, Brents was outmatched. Fallon had dominated that fight and Brents had suffered the consequence.

For the egalitarian types, this outcome shouldn’t even be a shocker. Like if you want equality across both genders in every domain, then things like this are going to happen. To us normal people, this is a death sentence. A little harder or more beating to the head of Brents and there could have been serious brain injury.

Okay I am out. This is causing a lot of controversy over Facebook, yeah I know, surprising.

— AA

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