So, I left my job today.

If they didn’t see this coming, then I have no idea what they were looking at. There were slackers and people who made outrageous excuses, then claims of gender discrimination.  And the List goes on, work politics I had thought.

The community manager had a pair meetings with me, it was decided that they would take my current team, and pair me with a new team. To be honest it was a very easy job, I didn’t really have to do much, the new team leader saw to that. On my original team, I was doing a lot of the moving around and the “heavier lifting” of the roles and tasks.

These girls just sat their fat asses at the front desk at the computer most of the time.

Not to mention, when they did the job it took extremely long to complete 1 task. It wasn’t the most efficient use of time. So I raised the problems and concerns, it was a team of all girls, and the team lead was an older lady with hearing loss. There was a lot of rumour spreading and constant complaining, that involved in me just being moved to another team.

So then I started with my new team, I had one day, and then got asked not to come the next day, as I just got accredited for an IndieWeek Media Pass (I had an interview slotted with a band that cancelled 45 minutes before me getting there, but that’s another story). I felt shafted, I’ve been thrown around like a piece of trash that no one wanted.

Maybe that’s what it was.

I worked diligently, when I was on shift, I went above and beyond the role requirements. That’s probably why I felt shafted, for sure under appreciated. Not to mention they were charging me for other people’s usage of company equipment. It was fucked, I was getting blamed for shit, I was being billed for shit.

So I quit.

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