So far, the Rooftop Tiki Patio at the Bovine knows no mercy.

This past Tuesday night I went to The Linemore Tavern, to see the the band LUCYD. That was very interesting, as I heard the another band I proclaimed “Need more guitar”. They instruments were very quiet and it really sounded as if it were two people just singing onto a piano that was playing a lot of chords.

Whatever, the bar is cool though. Really has that “this is where you and your friends belong”, of course that’s saying I have friends. Haha.

Joking aside (at least I want to believe it’s a joke).

Afterwards I went to The Bovine Sex Club, a place where you go to meet your already made friends who have all been hanging out with you there before. The band Mr.JR was an excellent 2 piece (it wasn’t the full band) and it may not seem like I was paying attention as I was playing Street Fighter and Killer Instinct on the SNES, I was listening intently.

The Hysterics were up after them and they were a bit more my style. Harder, punk rock grooves. But again I was watching Steven play Super Mario, then I went upstairs to the Rooftop patio. Had just 2 Tiki drinks, and I was later that not to be found drunker than I earlier anticipated. Didn’t end up well at all.

Mind you I had drinks beforehand, at the Tavern I had a pint of an Irish Stout, then at the Bovine I had a mock Zombie, 2 bottles of beer and then the two drinks upstairs. The next day (Wednesday) I was actually hungover.

It sucked.

It was so difficult to try and cut down my Banks! – … post into something that was a brief but comprehensive representation of the role as a financial intermediary.

So man this weekend marks the annual air show at the CNE.


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