I’ve changed again.

So there is this thing where I used to be quite extroverted, and then came my accident and university where I became quite introverted I guess. I mean I still desired the social activities and what not just that there weren’t very many opportunities to have them.

So I retreated into my studies and books for various reasons: the work was interesting, the work had gotten harder, the was more work to be done ect. So I was a very shy guy, and a lot of people thought of me and weird, aloof and some had thought of me as childish.

There are a lot of reasons why I wasn’t the “social butterfly” I once was dubbed in the second grade as.

After I had graduated from university, it had seemed to me the world had been functioning at a level under my knowledge. “No, this isn’t right. That’s definitely not how you do this!” and I would have my face turn purple (I am of Indian/Caribbean descent). I still went on to do much more schooling, in a different field; not entirely. So I had retained my book worm like persona for quite some time.

However I really love music and art, naturally I ventured to my safe place of music and tattoos; there’s is a more therapeutic effect to both of those. I met people, fell madly in love with a few (who never gave me the time of day), and got drunk listening to punk rock.

“Yet, I still kept my book worm nerdiness”

However, now, I can’t keep a book open anymore. I bought this romance-thriller (because I lack romance in my life, so it makes sense to have a thrilling romance novel. Perhaps I can write them as well, I mean it’s typically all my unmet desires, surely my fantasies are exhilarating).I have moved away from my inner nerd to a more, sociable person? I mean I was always sociable to an extent.

But now I have all these books and no more desire to read them, it may be that I need to go back to school.

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