So a dude calls the bartender a bitch.

So this guy, random black dude orders wings. Don’t know how long he’s been waiting, but he claims he was waiting too long. Asks for a refund, and the bartender and him get into a little pissing match.

To me this is funny, because even after the manager get’s involved and agrees to refund the wings; THE BARTENDER IS STILL WASTING HER TIME THROWING JABS. Mind you she is a young female and this guy is an overly egotistical dude.

I laugh because it’s ridiculous, I mean the wings were already made and the loss to the bar was already agreed on. Why waste time with this guy, he got his refund and agreed to never come back. There’s no more  I can understand he hurt your ego or feelings or whatever, by name calling.

But it’s done, there is nothing left to do. The bar agreed to take the L now set up for your next W, talk to me!

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