Why are men so nonchalant when it comes their women cheating?

Well I don’t really know the answer, some men just really want to be the best for their woman. Other men just don’t give a fuck, they have the kids and career, I suppose.

I’d also like to point out that,  women who cheat are praised while men are scorned; even if it’s the woman fault. Society has been built in a way that women are never believed to be the ones at fault, and it’s been like this for years.

 I’m not saying that men aren’t at fault either, that’s further away from the truth than religion. There’s plenty of examples to confirm ones belief that either is true, but this isn’t what we are discussing. 

Women like to play games, and think they are the equal to men. But they definitely aren’t, they have different qualities that make them superior and inferior at certain qualities. I’ll continue this topic in my next post. 

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