I don’t want to sound like “captain obvious”, but America voted this guy in. In my opinion the only person that had a greater chance to beat him, was Sanders and you voted him out. Now lets not get into a debate, although that’s only because I’m not here for that.

But you know I love debates.

So I am going to debate these protests that are happening all over America, you can follow it on Twitter #NotMyPresident.

To me it just seems like whenever people don’t like something, they end up with making a huge protest crying and complaining about the issue rather than making it work for them.

Let’s take an example of an issue that happened in Toronto at the University of Toronto. There was some comments that a Professor made about gender neutral pronouns and these women made a giant deal, organized protests and it was a mess. Even after the university issued the professor a written letter stating he must respect the universities rules and code of conduct, they still went and pushed further.

Here’s a short summary in the form of an opinion article in the Globe and Mail: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/the-professor-vs-the-pronoun-warriors/article32474079/

The students had reason to do it, but the way the went about dealing with the matter was really for their own ego and feelings of self worth. It’s a little bit of a far stretch to make these claims but it’s as if they don’t know when to stop.

But back to this #NotMyPresident debacle. Just because these people didn’t get their way, they’re going to cry about it? Trump hasn’t even made his first mistake as a President yet and you are already giving up all faith. It is as equally possible that he turns out to be a total success.


So everything on the Canadian end is okay, the Leafs play Friday. Go Leafs Go.

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